The Sprint is the top model in the Starboard Techwear range.

This SUP suit has a fixed hood. The integrated mouth and nose protection can be stowed away with Velcro at the side or in the hood. Laser-punched holes allow breathing even when moving with the mouth and nose protection. This ensures perfect conditions when paddling even in bad weather and/or low temperatures.

The “Clima Core Technology” material used in all Starboard suits and jackets is a wind- and waterproof membrane. Its breathable structure reacts to changing weather conditions and – depending on the outside temperature – radiates or reflects body heat. This ensures a pleasant body climate at all times.

The three-layer material is combined with a waterproof front zip. The latex cuffs on the arms and legs ensure that no water can penetrate here. The neoprene neck closure is individually adjustable with a Velcro fastener.

Among the drysuits on the market, it also stands out visually: the particularly stretchy material developed for Starboard allows for a body-hugging cut in women’s and men’s fits.

The panel layout in the back area gives a lot of freedom of movement, especially when paddling, and makes the suit extremely comfortable thanks to the very stretchy and breathable material.

In cold temperatures, you can perfectly wear additional warming layers (base and mid layers) under the suit. The side velcro fastener at the hip offers the possibility to vary the width here as needed.

Reflective prints ensure visibility and safety even in diffuse light conditions or at dusk.

The Sprint is two-coloured on the body, with a third colour accenting the hood. Both the women’s and men’s models are available in three colour combinations.

Damen Modelle – Sprint

Herren Modelle – Sprint

Women’s Models

cityscape / decadence / princess
orbita / princess / blogger
babylon / princess / icelolly


Latex cuffs on the legs

In all suits, the latex cuffs on the legs seal 100%.

Nose guard

The highlight of the Sprint is the integrated hood and the mouth & nose protector, which can be attached with Velcro.

No matter how uncomfortable the conditions get, Sprint is ready for it.

Latex cuffs on the arms

During sprinting, the latex cuffs on the arms also seal 100%.

The width of the arm cuffs can be adjusted with Velcro. Reflective details ensure visibility and safety at dusk.

Taped seams

All seams are taped and therefore 100% waterproof.

The picture on the left shows the inside view of the suit.

Collar construction

The suit comes with a revised neoprene collar construction that makes it even more waterproof.

Waterproof bag

An additional waterproof pocket is positioned on the thigh for sprinting.

Inside pockets

Two new inner pockets on the Allstar SUP Suit.

Once waterproof, once open with quick access.

The picture on the right shows the inside view of the suit.

Figure-hugging cut

Stretch panel on the back for paddling movement.

In addition, you can vary the leg and arm cuffs as well as the waist size with a velcro fastener.

Elias (left) is 189cm tall and wears a size L / Léonie (right) is 170cm tall and wears a size S


Women’s Colours

Men’s Colours


The Starboard team has left nothing to chance when it comes to size development, and with the particularly stretchy material and a total of 10 fits for each gender, customisation is practically superfluous.

  • Men: S-XXL corresponds to sizes 46 – 54, additionally all available in “Tall” variant
  • Women’s: XS – XL corresponds to sizes 36 – 44, additionally all available in “Tall” variant
  • Size Chart: To size chart

“Tall” in detail

The legs are cut slightly longer, just like the torso, which is longer by about 3cm from the waist up. Tall sizes are also made a little slimmer, meaning less circumference around the chest, waist, hips and legs. In short: “longer and slimmer”.