Allstar HD

The Allstar HD represents the best of both worlds. As robust as the HD Pro with its Cordura reinforcements on the seat and legs, while being as comfortable as the Allstar on the neck with its elaborate neoprene collar construction.

The panel layout in the back area gives plenty of freedom of movement, especially during paddle movements, and makes the suit extremely comfortable with the very stretchy and breathable Ultra Flex / Clima Core outer material.

The All Star HD is also constructed with “Clima Core Technology“.

This is a windproof and waterproof membrane that reacts to changing weather conditions through its breathable structure and – depending on the outside temperature – radiates or reflects body heat. Thus, a pleasant body climate is always ensured.

Among the drysuits on the market, it also stands out visually: the custom-made and particularly stretchy material for Starboard allows for a body-hugging cut in women’s and men’s fits. In addition, you can vary the waist size with the Velcro fastener, depending on how many layers you wear under the suit.

Reflective prints ensure visibility and safety even in diffuse light conditions.


The HD Pro is available in 5 unisex sizes.